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PHILATELIC SOCIETY 1971 Christopher Allen, 5.S
The Society has enjoyed another successful year, although the low attendance in the summer term, owing to the warmer weather, were disappointing.
During the year we had two talks, one on the ""History of British Stamps" any one on "Errors in British Stamps". In February the Club purchased a Great Britain album and is gradually trying to obtain all the stamps of recent years, as well as the new issues as they come out. This is proving a difficult task since Club funds cannot permit us to buy the earlier, more expensive issues, but we are grateful for the generous co-operation of certain members in donating these stamps to us.
In June, Mr. Loveland entertained us with an exhibition of his railway stamps! We were all surprised to see the size of his collection, and it is by no means complete.( In the same month a project on British stamps was undertaken.
On behalf of all the Club members I should like to take this opportunity to than Mr. Loveland for his loyal support and enthusiasm, and M. Wilkinson and P. Rain for their help throughout the year, and conclude by wishing the Society every success in the future.

Railways Society - Howard Reed LVID

This year it has become increasingly more difficult to devise new activities for the Club's meetings. Nevertheless a number of interesting talks have been given on various aspects of railway operation and history. These have included "The Railways around Interlaken in Switzerland", "The Tattenham Corner and Caterham Branches", "The Kent and East Sussex Railway", and "Industrial Railways in Great Britain'".
As usual, a film show was held at the end of the winter term which, despite the reduced voltage due to the power cuts, was successful. There is a rather limited choice of films, and with the increased postage rates it is proving more difficult to run a film show which is both interesting and economic. A colour slide show on European railways was held at the end of the Spring term.
The decreased attendances this year were disappointing and it can only be hoped that this is temporary, The difficulty of devising activities could be made easier if only more members were willing to give short talks, or even suggest ideas for club meetings.
Several members have suggested the building of but inevitably there are many difficulties in such a something to bear in mind for the future.
The Club would like to thank Mr. Loveland enthusiasm during this year.

The object of our computer science course this year was to give an insight into the fundamentals of computing and its applications. The course consisted of programming, computer theory and logic, together with flowchart analysis.
Programming consisted for the utilisation of the binary code and its manipulation to solve simple arithmetic problems. Though at the beginning of the year problems seemed to be too simple, toward the end of the year they become more involved and extremely interesting. In the final term we were given the freedom to formulate our own problems and run them on the computer. Such problems included the well known "Eight Queens Problem".

The way in which the computer performs its various operations was brought to light in the sections on computer theory and logic systems, another essential part it the understanding of computer systems.
To me, the most interesting part of the course was problem analysis. This is the breakdown of the vague problem to its fundamental parts, and from these a programme is formed to find the solution. The use of flowcharts was of particular significance, and a number of projects was compiled at the end of the second tern under the headings "Formation of a Sixth Form Magazine" and "Destruction of the House of Commons". The latest topic, as yet unfinished, consisted of the analyse; of two surveys involving the whole school, and the co-operation of all the participant: of the course. One dealt with the "Social Habits of the Upper School", an analyse: to draw hypothetical links between various social activities, and the other on "Thc Eating Habits of the Lower School", with particular reference to the tuckshop.
Towards the end of the course we became increasingly aware of the importance of the computer in the society of today. The course needed meticulous attention tc detail and accuracy, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone considering ; career in computing.

Parent Teacher Associations have flourished on the Continent for half a century, and in America there are nearly 11 million members. Many parents and teacher have, in recent years, realised the advantages of such Associations and in the last ten years in this country there has been a tremendous growth in membership. During the period our own Association was formed and we are now in our sixth year; we have, made mistakes and our decisions at times have not pleased all of the parents. Our aim throughout has been the main aim of the Association, to advance the education of the pupils (our sons) by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities of education at the School. We have been fortunate in this aim to have had the fu support of the Headmaster and Staff and whilst our membership is only 50% c possible parents, it is always apparent that in a major venture, such as the Annual Fete, we can rely on the wholehearted support of all of the parents. The Fete, which is the major fund raising effort of the year, is held on the first Saturday in July an this year the financial result was another record. It is usual to measure most fun raising events in pounds pence and this is natural, but with such an occasion there is also the benefit of Staff, Parents and Boys working together in a common cause This can do nothing but good and foster the relationship between Home and School which is so important. During the year we have been in a very strong financial position due mainly to holding funds towards the possibility of the School Swimming Pool However, we have still provided what has been requested and our expenditure included the replacement of the School Coach, the purchase of a Mini Bus, the provision of mattresses and covers for Bens and many other smaller items. The Swimming Pool has been a talking point for the past twelve months and it is unfortunate that despite the very hard work of the sub-committee the project has ha to be shelved in view of the finance involved. We are all looking forward to the coming year and may I take this opportunity of thanking all who have helped us in the year past.

Dorsett House Master: Mr. J. L. Shirley
Milner House Master: Mr. D. W. Eneas
Serjeant House Master.- Mr. R. D. Mant
Wight House Master.- Mr. W. B. Rainforth
During the year competitions have been held for the three broad age groups within the school in Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Basketball, Soccer, Bridge and Chess. These have all been well supported and given many boys the opportunity to take part competitively in a wider range of activities than they would otherwise have done. The Sports Day, run on a House basis, proved a most enjoyable occasion, of which details are given elsewhere, and illustrated some of the benefits which a House system can bring.
With the re-organisation in the future it is hoped that by developing the House system more fully within the narrower age bands of the school far more boys will be given an opportunity of not only taking part in games and various other activities but also developing qualities of organisation, administration and responsibility.

It did not take long to form the two school Bridge teams which were named "A" and "B". The main Bridge event in our area is the London Schools Bridge League, where there were over 80 entries this year.
The "A" team started well by beating Glyn, Trinity and John Fisher. The "B" team started poorly by losing to Kingston Grammar "B" by 14, and then went on to win the rest of their matches easily and so finished first in their section. The "A" and "B" teams were drawn against each other in the semi-final. The match was one of the best of the year, and was won by the "A" team by 11 International match points.
Two other competitions were entered during this time. They were the Surrey Schools Cup which, after qualifying for the final by finishing second to Emanuel, we finished (very disappointingly) 5th in the final, although we beat the winners (Emanuel). The other competition was the Daily Mail Cup in which we just failed to qualify by one point for the final round.
A pairs" competition was organised amongst the school, with 20 pairs entering. It was very  encouraging to see that 13 of the pairs were from the Lower Sixth. There were 3 heats to qualify for the final, which was won by B. J. Carter and R. D. Hunt, with P. Hunt and Mau in second place.
I would like to thank B. J. Carter, A. Bendyshe Walton and W. Bellchambers for playing for the "A" team, and M. West, M. Brown, A. Sheer and P. Brooks for representing the Second team.
Of sixteen school matches played we lost only three, winning the remainder: a successful season.

CHESS 1970/71 Paul Jeffery, 5.
This year proved to be the most successful ever for chess. The 1 st Team won their zone of the Sunday Times' Tournament, and were the first Purley team to achieve this. The 1st Team this year consisted of Jeffery, Hall, Hayden, Lehur, Mau and M. L. Brown. All these players played a vital role in the teams' League victories, but we must in particular mention Mau who, although only playing his first season in the team, had a remarkably successful run.
The 2nd Team did not have such a good season as last year. J. R. Brown captained the team, and, along with J. Barnes, led the team to several successes. The remainder of the team consisted, at one time or another, of S. Bowles, Camden, Blanchard, Green, Allum and Allen.
The under-fourteen had an excellent start to the season. Captained once again by J. R. Brown, and consisting of Blanchard, Camden, Green, Allum and Allen, the team seemed set for a good year, but in fact had a poor finish which destroyed their chances of improving their League position. Unfortunately, Blanchard left in mid-season. This weakened the team but allowed Murphy to become a regular member.
The under-thirteen had a poor season, but the enthusiasm which was apparent from the Second Formers making up the team, compensated for this. Lemmon was captain this year, and his team comprised Caddick, Bailey-Smith, Stratford, Parrott and Bailey.
The under-twelve team this year was more successful than previously, winning a large number of their matches. Miller captained the team, but has now left the school, making way for Watson who improved over the season to reach board 2, and is a very promising player. Other team players were Seymour, Camden, Drewery, Robertson, Jones, Hamilton, Hooper and Linley. London and Surrey Chess Championships this year. However, the main tournament success came from Jeffery who won the Surrey under sixteen championship in March to add to his London under-sixteen title of last year. The only other Purley player to achieve this was S. Webb in 1964.
Finally, we extend our thanks to Mr. Small for all the assistance he has given us in this, our most successful season.

Basketball 1970-71  Paul Masters 5D

Photo: HIGH PERFORMANCE - Masters.P does a "lay in" against Wellingborough. <Editors Note 2002 - check out the dreadlocks>.

U19' s Teams

A very young squad produced two teams which achieved considerable success throughout the season.
Under Kemp's captaincy, morale and enthusiasm in the first team were high. The side finished second in the Surrey League, and reached the semi-final of the Surrey Cup. Further achievements here were prevented by an older, experienced Strodes side and, almost inevitably, by Glyn Grammar.
A record of: Played 28, Won 19, Lost 9, Points for: 1779, Against: 1258, is very creditable for a team with only two of last year's players. High scores were consistently returned, and the team failed to score 50 on only three occasions.
A good run in the National championships is always the highest ambition of a school side: the first team succeeded in reaching the last 16, after what was undoubtedly the peak performance of the season when Enfield Grammar School, boasting two England players, were beaten 61-60. For the second consecutive year, Glyn ended this run in one of three defeats at their hands, by 78-62.
Purley achieved its first taste of success in the Home Counties' League, and good wins were recorded in this competition, which is of the highest standard.
The leading scorers were Masters (594 pts), Stoneham (274), Kemp (211) and Rowe (206). Other regular members of the team who played a vital part were Jepson, Keith Masters and Paine.
Kemp, Rowe, Masters and Jepson were selected for the Surrey squad, and the last two represented the County frequently.

Mr. Tyler's second team again played well, winning the 2nd division of the Surrey League. Ten matches out of thirteen were won, and the high standard of the team was reflected in a 119-29 thrashing of Carshalton. Dallas, the Captain, scored 79 points, exceeded only by Barnes, with 136, at an average of 15. Thanks are expressed for all the time Mr. Tyler dedicated to second team basketball.

The Under-16 Team

Matches during the season alternated between easy victories (e.g. Pelham, 124-44) and tense, hard-fought matches of a very high standard. We retained the Croydon and Betternere Cups, and won the Surrey Cup with a final record of: Played 10, Won 8, Drawn 1, Lost 1.
Again, high scores predominated, and the first five of Masters (261 pts), Barnes (109), Paine (81), Jepson (63) and Moss (59) formed the basis of a very powerful side. Jepson, the playmaker, captained the side and temperament was excellent: not one close game was lost, and needle matches against Glyn and Magna Carta both ended in a Purley victory.
After a good national run, the Under-16's, without Jepson, also went out in the last 16. Despite arriving 75 minutes late, Kings Heath Technical School, Birmingham, beat us decisively, 75-57.
Since all the team have senior experience, mainly with the 1st Team, prospects are very good for next year.
Once again, Mr. Eneas is largely responsible for the success of the 1st and Under-16 Teams. We are very grateful for his vital and constant help in so many ways, and to him we extend our sincere thanks.

The Under-15 Team
The season started badly with only one win out of the first six games, but as the season grew older victories became more frequent.
Having been knocked out of the Surrey Cup by Magna Carta in the second round, we reached the final of the Croydon Cup. In the final we met John Newnham, and eventually beat them by 8 points.
Although we lost 11 of our 20 games, we were beaten in many by only a few points. The most exciting of these matches was the one against Sutton when we lost by a single point, Sutton scoring with a free shot in the last seconds.
We finally finished third in the Surrey League behind Sutton and Reigate. Cox was top scorer for the team with 141 points, Boswell second with 126 points, and Clemence third with 120 points.

RUGBY Ian Tucker, LNI.D.
1st XV
The 1st XV made a poor start to the season, losing many of the pre-Christmas matches. However, after the vacation the team gradually improved, with the season culminating in a fine match against the infamous Reigate team,
Banks, due to injury in pre-season training. Suffice it to say he scored in the first match of his return, and his enthusiastic captaincy (and his sideline colleagues) helped to turn many a match in our favour.
Morale in the team waxed and waned throughout the season, but a number of players deserve mention. In the forwards, a lightweight pack was dominated by Henson, Banks, Osborne, Lehur, Tucker, Hart and Scott. Often outgunned, this pack sometimes fought its way to dominance over much heavier opponents. The consequent service to the backs, however, was all too often frittered away. At times it seemed that the backs would undertake a vote to establish who should make the break, or who would be first to drop the ball. Everitt turned on flashes of brilliance on occasion, but did not ever really hit peak form for the term.
Highlights in the fixtures were obviously those matches against the Old Boys. (Spectators were actually seen on both occasions!) All the players enjoyed these matches, and the hints received afterwards went a long way to personal improvement.
The captain Banks and Mr. Thomas must receive thanks for the way in which they often had to struggle against a wall of apathy from the school. It is this apathy that must disappear if the team is to succeed in future years. Rugby in the school at the moment has reached a low ebb and needs a fillip. Some good victories next year will almost certainly go a long way to helping this cause.

2nd XV
This season, with two matches won, one drawn and ten lost, was a fairly disastrous one. These poor results were largely due to injuries to members of the 1st XV, and the consequent lack of availability of second team players. As a result the Seconds fielded a full team only twice, and frequently had to borrow the opponents' substitutes. Failure of a reliable kicker did not help our cause.
The autumn term passed without a win, and gave us little hope for the forthcoming months. Initially our lack of fitness accounted for the very heavy defeats, and although some improvement took place in this quarter, it was not sufficient to achieve any spectacular reversal of

After a heavy defeat by Surbiton at the start of the season, we quickly got used to one another's style of rugby and settled down to play as a team. The side was well balanced in all departments, and never failed to play good, exciting rugby. Credit must be given to the three-quarters, especially to Vicary and Edge, the two centres. Their fast and strong running often inspired other members of the team.
Boswell again set a fine example for the other forwards, and eventually finished the season with a total of 70 points, which made him top scorer for the second consecutive year.
After some changes in positions towards the end of the season the final match was an example of fine rugby. We were narrowly beaten by Reigate, but it was an exciting finish.
Our thanks must go to Mr. Mant who kept the team in such high spirits throughout and managed to keep everyone playing such fine rugby.
During the season, colours were awarded to the following: G. Tong, G. Boswell, A. Kennedy, R. Cox, R. Clemence, D. Edge, S. Vicary, P. Whittaker, P. Thomas, S. Goulder, C. Bealey, G. Bridges, M. Castle.

Under-14 XV
The Under-14 Team had a better season than last and started strongly by winning five matches in the early part of the year. Many of the score lines were extremely close, representing greater awareness of the game on our part and a greater will to win. Cray Valley, probably the strongest team on the Under-14 fixture list, were held to 6-0, the points coming in the last five minutes; Brockley were very convincingly defeated. The forwards gave good service throughout the year with Jarman hooking accurately and the back row of Aston, Cullum and Baker tackling and running well. Hempstead and Stone had a difficult time in the second row, often coming up against far heavier opposition. The three-quarters were very well served by Murphy at scrum-half, whilst the centres, Bell and Hampson, lacked finishing power but continued to develop promisingly. Johnson as captain and stand-off half deserves special mention for his capable handling of the side, sustaining his example to the end of every game and inspiring good defensive play from Aston, Baker and Bell; consequently there was but one run away score in the whole season. The team's thanks go to Mr. Jeffery, Mr. Bowen and Mr. Thomas who trained us and watched all our matches, also to the many parents' who drove us to away matches when the coach was out of service. The team was chosen from: Aston, Baker, Bell, Bramley, Bruce, Caddick, Cullum, Davis, Gates, Guard, Hampson, Hempstead, Hooper, Jarman, Johnson, Lane, Lloyd, Meyer, Milano, Murphy, Shelton, Stone and Thomas. Anon.

Under-13 XV Played 22 Won 9 Drawn 0 Lost 13
The first half of the season started very badly, with us losing eleven of our first sixteen games and winning only five. Some of our defeats were very close, however. To Surbiton we lost (0-3), Colfes (10-11), and Brockley (3-6). We had one quite heavy defeat at John Fisher when we went down to them (5-39). The five victories that we had were all quite good ones -the three best matches were against Shene (65-3), against St. Josephs (42-0), and against Whitgift (36-3).
We improved a great deal in the second half of the season, winning four of our six games and losing the other two. Out of the four victories, our best win was against Glyn, whom we beat by 19-5. The most exciting match of the whole season was against George Abbot, whom we beat by 12-11 in a very close game which could have gone to either side. The real strength of the team lay in the forwards, who between them scored most of the tries. The three quarters gradually improved as the season went on, and by the end they had developed into quite an efficient team, although their handling was disappointing at times. Unfortunately, some tries were given away by the poor tackling of a few boys, but this too improved as the season went on.
We do thank Mr. Akers for the hard work and encouragement which he put into training the team, and also Mr. Trask who gave up his time to teach us many new tactics at the beginning of the season.
The following boys played for the team: Bird, Boswell, Cocks, Coleman, Croydon, Dallas, Day, Douglas (Capt.), Hogg, Janes, Martin, Moore, Pearce, R., Pierce, Ravenhill, Swanson.
A. Douglas

Under12 XV J. Seymour

We played 16,won nine, drew three, and lost four matches. Good victories were obtained over Dulwich College, Langley Park, Beverley, Selhurst, Carshalton, George Abbot, Tiffins, Glyn and Wandsworth. Our points record was 92 for, 82 against, and was spoilt by heavy defeats against Whitgift, Reigate, and John Fisher (twice). Although discouraging, these defeats showed where our weaknesses lay and enabled us to improve. Throughout the season the Under-12 "B" side provided us with good opposition and produced many enthusiastic players, although they managed to win only three of their six matches against other schools. The strength of the side lay mainly in the three quarters. Seymour gave good service from the scrum to Goldney at fly-half, who showed good tactical skill, and as the season wore on, a knowledge of when to kick and when to pass. In the three-quarters Moss and Wilson ran well and tackled determinedly. Of the forwards, Camden, Hooper, Pearce and Burchell were always prominent both in the tight and the loose, and Allen as hooker won many loose heads.
The most encouraging aspect was the great enthusiasm and keenness of the boys in their first term of Rugby, which bodes well for the future. We express our appreciation to Mr. Akers for all the hard work which he put into the running of the side.
The following boys played: Allen, Burchell, Carter, Gaubert, Goldney, Harvey, Hooley, Hooper, Howells, Mayes, Pearce, Seymour (Capt.), Wilson, S. Brown, Redman, Stoneman.

TENNIS C. Winder

It was a fair season for the Firsts, and we achieved success in half our fixtures. The fact that the main enthusiasm for tennis is in the Fourth and Fifth years augurs well for the future. Lloyd of 3C played in all matches.
We beat our first opponents, Battersea, 8-1, with Dallas and Stoneham, Winder and Eastgate winning all their matches, Weeden and Lloyd being the other pair. The second match against Reigate was less impressive, with the same team being defeated 1-8, only Dallas and Stoneham managing to win. Caterham beats us 8-1 too, but the match was much closer than the result suggests.In the staff-school match the school narrowly lost by four games to five.
The Under-16 team played one match against Reigate and lost 2-7, the players being Cox, Lloyd, Allard, Havill, Eastgate and Vicary.
Thanks go to Mr. Shirley for his support and encouragement.


1st XI Gibbs L.VI

Although this year's 1st XI was a fairly young, inexperienced side, containing a large proportion of Fifth Formers, this cannot be offered as a reasonable excuse for the mediocre results achieved during the season. Batting too often failed to support good bowling and fielding. This was most evident in the game against Oxted when, having kept the opposition down to 42 in 25 overs, the school side only managed to score 38! Similar performances resulted in defeats by Brockley, Reigate and Glyn, and only solid batting particularly by Charles Whitmarsh after the school had been 15 for 6, and good bowling by Nigel Tucker (7 for 21) enabled us to beat John Ruskin. However, the batsmen did occasionally succeed, notably in wins over John Fisher and St. Olaves. Also in the latter game the team's tonker, Ian Tucker made 36, but despite being the most spectacular batsman in the side he provided a good example of the general standard of batting, managing 8 ducks in the season!
Nigel Tucker was by far the most consistent bowler, taking a total of 50 wickets at an average of 9-6. Several times he bowled accurately throughout an innings, often taking 4 or more wickets. He was well supported by Munkenbeck, Gibbs and Mathews who, as our only spin bowler, was a considerable asset.
Our challenge in the London Schools' Tournament ended abruptly in the first round against Battersea. A very tight absorbing match, it eventually ended, after some confusion over the scores, in a tie. However, the resulting adjudication unfortunately went against us.
The staff match which as usual concluded our fixtures was an unusual affair to say the least with the staff being bowled out for only 74. Gibbs and Tucker bowled throughout the innings taking 6 for 30 and 4 for 44 respectively. After such a good performance in the field it was disappointing that the school could not press home its advantage with a respectable batting performance. Instead, with the school at one stage 13 for 7, it needed a courageous 25 by Ian Moss in a last-wicket stand to reach the relatively respectable score of 45.
I would like to thank Mr. Gilbert who gave up so much time to umpire for us throughout the season and always showed great interest in the team. Our thanks also to Mr. Yorke for devoting a great deal of time to school cricket.
As with any young side it is hoped that it will improve in the future, and I am sure that with adequate pre-season training next year's 1 st XI can do much better.
Results: Played 18, Won 6, Lost 10, Drawn 2.

2nd XI - Charles Whitmarsh, L.VI.W.
The side had a fair season and showed great promise for the future as evidenced by their keenness, ability and great team spirit. There were many exciting games, the most memorable being against Glyn which we won with the penultimate ball of the game.
In particular there were some good individual batting performances from Ian Froggett and Michael Clarke, also Ian Moss bowled well and as a result was promoted to the 1st Team as was Froggett.

On behalf of all the team I would like to thank Mr. Rainforth for his loyal support throughout the season.
Results: Played 8, Won 4, Lost 4.

Colts XI Clive Bealey, 4S.
Although the side started the season rather badly, it improved, winning three out of eight games by the close. Our best win was against Selhurst where we took advantage of ineffective bowling.
The best batting performances were made by Clive Tucker, Clive Bealey and Graham Tong, the latter playing particularly well as wicketkeeper. Of the bowlers Vicary was the most dangerous, and was supported by Jackson, Kennedy, Cuffe, C. Tucker and Atherton.
I would like to thank Mr. Patterson for giving up his time to coach the team and offer his invaluable advice.
The following played for the tears during the season: Atherton, Bealey, Boswell, Castle, Clarke, Cox, Cuffe, Edge, Harrison, Jackson, Kennedy, Jones, Rose, Tong, C. Tucker, Vicary.

The Under-14 XI Neil Hampson, 3C.
This was a fair season for the team, winning five of our matches, losing three, and drawing two.
We won the opening matches against Langley Park and Selhurst, and we can thank Murphy and Johnson for rescuing us in the latter match following a poor start by the openers. Other players who distinguished themselves with the bat were Baker and Hampson. Batting was in fact the outstanding feature of our play, and was at no time matched by either our bowling or fielding. We hope to improve on those aspects of our play next season.

The Under-13 X1 M. Martin, 2C.

Over the season the team was fairly successful. Our record proved not quite as good as last year's, but we had many good individual efforts.
Our first match of the season was against Langley Park, and in the allotted overs they were only able to score 53. Thanks to good batting efforts by Swanson, 24 not out, and Burchett, 16, we were able to pass their score with the loss of 5 wickets.

In our second match against Oxted we were able to score 100 for 5 in 20 overs. Here their bowling was weak, and Pearce and Parrott soon set the pace, later to be continued by M. Martin, Swanson, Stoneham and Cocks. In their allotted time they could only score 77 for 8.
In our next match the accurate fast bowler Glyn possessed skittled through our batting order in 9 overs for 25 runs. Only Kerr, 9 not out, and Swanson, 7, offered any resistance. Glyn managed to score the runs for the loss of 4 wickets.
Against Royal Russell eight of our 1st Team players were away with a school trip in Switzerland. Despite this we were able to win by 38 runs. Here we scored 74 all out (Martin 24 not out), and our bowlers did well to get them out for 36.
Our match against John Fisher provided much excitement. We were inspired by two fine knocks-Stoneham, 30, and Cocks, 23, in our score of 73. John Fisher passed our score with one wicket left.
Following this excitement we thrashed Carshalton who could only muster 46. The fine bowling of Cocks brought him figures of 5 for 13. Thanks to Stoneham, 22, and Parrott, 10, we were able to win by 7 wickets.
In our last match against Heath Clark we were finally beaten by their excellent bowling and good fielding. Our best scores were Cocks, 15, and Martin, 6. They passed our score without loss.
The final results were: Played 7, Won 4, Lost 3, with Cocks our most successful batsman and bowler.
Our thanks go to Mr. Banks for running the team and to D. Little for scoring for us.

The Under-12 XI Jeremy Seymour, 1 C.
It was a disappointing season for the simple reason that we played only 4 matches. We lost heavily to John Fisher, and marginally to Heath Clark. We won against Carsha!ton in a nailbiting finish, and we drew against Glynn. We have, alas, a poor batting side, but our bowling is quite good. Particularly good performances in bowling were made by Mayes, Howells and Allen, and in batting Hooper, Seymour, Goldney and Camden. Outstanding was Allen, who took 8 wickets for 7 runs in one match, and Seymour and Hooper who both got over 20 on separate occasions. We have learnt from our mistakes,
and have now developed an improved and enthusiastic side.
People who played are: D. Allen, J. Camden, N. Goldney, P. Hooley, M. Hooper, D. Howells, M. Mayes, I. Newton, S. Pittard, N. Porter, A. Pullin, J. Seymour, M. Francis.

Owing to the usual conditions in May and June when the weather seems content to play havoc, only 4 matches were played. We began with a fairly comfortable win against John Fisher. The Reigate staff proved stiffer opposition, and had us all out for 86, but fortunately some tight bowling managed to hold them to 86 for 7 when time ran out and the match finished in an exciting draw. Kenley Police was a new fixture for us and produced a reasonably strong side. In a 30 over match they were bowled out for 100, which thanks to Messrs. Thomas, Patterson and Pickett were knocked off for only 3 wickets. The school game promised to be quite an exciting one, but did not live up to expectations as reported elsewhere.
One or two new faces appeared in the side, in the guise of Mr. French who, having shown his prowess by taking a well-applauded catch in the first game, assured his place for the rest of the season; and Mr. Tyler who, in reward for his labours, bowled the last two overs in the school "beer" match. Mr. Eneas was seen to be still turning his arm over and looking anxiously at the skipper as the sun set on yet another staff victory over the school.
The batting as in previous years fell on Messrs. Yorke, Patterson, Thomas and Shepherd; Mr. Pickett suddenly found form with the bat at the end of the season, and also surpassed himself with four catches in the school match.
Messrs. Bowen and Shirley provided useful bowling support, and mention must also be made of Mr. Williams who frequently showed his prowess at gathering away swinging bumpers down the leg side. Our thanks must go to Mr. Gilbert who did much work arranging, rearranging and re-rearranging the fixtures. Thank you!
We all look forward to a full fixture list next season. Mr. York has returned to the rough tracks "Up North", so we had better get our heads down next year. Our best wishes go with him.

This has been a good year for Badminton; our Senior Team has had a very successful season in the Surrey Schools League, and, just as pleasing, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of this game especially in the Junior and Middle sections of the school. Much credit for all this must go to Martin Spiers who has proved such an enthusiastic and popular Captain and who also has given so much of his time to coaching the Juniors.
The Junior Championships attracted a very full entry and the standard of play in the latter stages was very high. The eventual winners were:
1st Year Champion: N. Goldney 2nd Year Champion: J. Burchett 3rd Year Champion: K. Hart
In our section of the Surrey Boys League we finished top and qualified to meet the winners of the other section, King's College School, Wimbledon, in the Final. This was held at the Willow School and, well though our team played, they were defeated by a very fine and experienced side. Even so, to finish second among schools in a large area of London and Surrey is a very creditable achievement.
Players who have represented the School in the Senior Team are: M. Spiers (Captain), C. Foley, K. Pratt, T. Munkenbeck, K. Hart, D. Emms, P. Irwin.
The following have played for the Under-15 Team: K. Hart, D. Emms, A. West, R. Spratt, A. Gates, M. Jackson, G. Budd, P. Blake.
Colours were awarded to Spiers and Foley.

Senior House Football
The inter-house football, although not always of great standard, was followed enthusiastically by all who took part. (The sight of house masters jumping up and down on the touchline in rage or joy is rare and funny.)
Many of the players were so obviously converted Rugby forwards and backs that a flying tackle would never have really seemed amiss. The twinkling feet of the real footballers in the school soon made themselves apparent. Each house played three matches, and the result duly
confirmed Dorsett and Wight to be the finalists. Milner were unlucky to be the only team without a single win. At this stage it all seemed very even and unpredictable. The final was duly played in this attitude, although the closing score of 3-0 to Wight was somewhat flattering. The match was tense and the struggle hard. (The Dorsett failure has often been blamed on their captain, who, remaining nameless, made a poor choice of ends on winning the toss, and also took it upon himself to miss a penalty at a critical stage.)
However, congratulations to Wight, and we all look forward to next year's brief period of madness in which the oval ball is exchanged for the round, which actually bounces in the direction one expects.
Thanks go to the house masters for organising and running the event.

Junior House Football J. Murphy, 3C.
The mere sight of football nets evoked a feeling of excitement and the thought that a rest from Rugby football had come at last.
So the tournament began. The rumours that Sergeant had a strong team were justified when they trounced Wight 8-1. Dorsett were also playing well and after dispensing with Milner, whom they beat 6-1, they went on to defeat Wight 3-1. So the climax to the tournament was between Dorsett and Sergeant. Dorsett put up a good fight but eventually lost 0-3, so Sergeant were worthy champions once again.

The Croydon District Sports this year showed more enthusiasm than success in the junior teams. The intermediate and senior teams, while producing a poor result as a team, did show some good individual performances. Treadwell (5,000m), Long (Steeplechase), Have (1,500m), Smith (High Jump) and Bowles (100m) were selected to represent Croydon in the Surrey Sports.
The school sports were for the first half run off during the school exams in perfect weather. They produced very keen competition in the junior school though no outstanding performances. Though too few boys showed interest in the senior school the competitions were often interesting and keenly contested. On sports day itself Dorsett's soon took a commanding lead but Milner's and Serjeant's had a long struggle for second place. The meeting was successful and though only one record was broken the
keenness and standard were high. At the end Under 15
trophies and performance medals were presentedby Mrs. Bray. The performance medals were a New school record new and welcome innovation. They were and inter. Victor Ludorum awarded to the three best performances in each age group, i.e. the three best times or distances achieved by the winners.

Under 16
1. Suter 200m 26-5s 226 pts
2. Beale 800m 2-25-2s 219 pts
3. Marshall Triple Jump 10-41m 215 pts

1. Hampson 100m 12-5s 240 pts
2. Gates 1500M 400m 5m 4-7s 63-1s
3. Murphy 230 220 pts pts

Under 14
1. Alden 400m
2. Atkinson 200m
3. Pierce 100m

1st Dorsett 324 pts 2nd Milner 282 pts
3rd Serjeant 267 pts 4th Wight 251 pts
Under 13
1. Burchell 100m 13-7s 180 pts Junior Victor Ludorum
Performance medals
1. Bowles 200m 24-2s 297 pts
2. Smith High Jump 1 -60m 280 pts
2. Eisner 200m 29-2s 178 pts
3. Osborne Triple Jump 11 -70m 269 pts
3. Wood 400m 71 -1 s 170 pts


E. Gould & Co. Ltd.


President: Jack Smythson
Secretary: Derek Berry,
21 Chaldon Way, Coulsdon,
Tel. Downland 55064


President: Harry Flower
Secretary: Dr. David Tidy,
28 Breech Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey. Tel. Tadworth 2470
The activities of the Old Boys' Association are little changed since the last issue of The Bourne and are confined mainly to social and sporting events.
The Clubhouse, Parsons Pightle, Coulsdon, continues to flourish and in the last year has had a small face lift. Negotiations for a new Lease from the London Borough of Croydon are virtually complete and this will enable us to proceed with our proposed extensions which involve new Dressing Rooms for the Rugby Club and an enlarged Club Room. The main sporting section is the Rugby Club and, at the time of going to print, they were having a successful season. The Club are regularly fielding five XV's, but are constantly looking for new players. Any prospective member would be welcome and should get in touch with "Wink" Tidy, whose address and telephone number appear in the heading.
Several successful social events have been held, noticeably a Barbecue, which was organised at the Clubhouse at the end of June. Despite torrential rain it proved an excellent evening and was very well supported. We also had a very successful Bonfire and Firework Party and the second annual Dance held at the Orchid Ballroom in December was a great success. These social events now form a regular part of our activities and everyone connected with the school is very welcome.
On two occasions during the year the Old Purleians played the School Fifteen and managed to achieve narrow victories. The Cricket XI defeated the School in the annual Whit-Monday match. A number of Old Purleians visited the School to talk on the Association to boys who were leaving in July. At the School Fete we ran, amongst other things, the Bingo stall and the Coconut Shy and again many O.P's gave their help at the third annual School's Career's Convention.
The Clubhouse is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch time.

Purley School of Commerce and Languages
13 HIGH STREET, PURLEY.01-668 4022
Also Modern Languages and English for Foreigners