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Welcome to the Purley Grammar 1970 site - Fas et Patria. This site is for everyone who was featured in the school photo of 1970. We would like to trace everyone who was in it and have a contact address, a bio and a current picture - put something in the guest book if you will.
1970 was like other years but for the lads in the picture it was very special. That moment in time, frozen by the good photographer from
Ray Studios of Braintree, has captured the hopes and dreams on the faces of a generation.
Who would have thought that they would have gone on to be captains of industry, leaders of men and mould breakers ? Well, frankly speaking, no one in the photo, neither pupil or teachers. At least nobody has been disappointed. So we have 632 pupils in the photo - where are they are all now and what has been their contribution towards society and the future of mankind?

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I have found a way of displaying the huge panoramic photos. Click on the link below to see the largest of them all - The Final Reunion Panorama - and ALL the other school panoramas too. There surely must be some others in existance - there is a gap from 1952 until 1970. Any one there in the late 1950's or 1960's have any info on the missing photos ?

Here are the other years:
The 1937 Panorama
The 1946 Panorama
The 1952 Panorama
The 1970 Panorama
The 1975 Panorama
The 1988 Panorama
The Final Renunion 2007 Panorama

Using the controls underneath the image you can zoom in and pan left and right. Pongo Paine would have been proud.

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Michael Shergold writes from Selsey, West Sussex "I have a number of badly stored (and therefore rather scratched) old negatives taken about 1949/50 which might be of interest. I attach a couple one of Mr Baldwin and another of Mr Hutchinson ( I think). I have a few more.. I took them using old 35mm cinefilmstock in a karat cassette type folding camera and considering the cheap filmstock they seem to have
survived fairly well. I'll look out a few more..
I am in now touch with quite a few other Old Purleians of that era 40/50s as I organised a 50year reunion for Purley Baptist Church youth from the
1950s.. We all met back in Purley in April 2005!

Keep up the good work"

Mr Hutchinson - contemplating a photo during a lesson in the early 1950's

Mr Baldwin - note the German on the Blackboard.


Alan Girling writes "It’s curious how some items mysteriously come to light.
 You may remember the basketball team photo I sent you of the 1966-7 team which won the Surrey Schools U19 championship, and I described how we beat Glyn by 2 points in a play-off (which was actually held at Wimbledon school). Well, looking through some papers I found in the loft, the attached photo just randomly fell out. It’s a picture of the tip-off of that very game (I think taken by Roger Stansfield which suggests he might have been injured for the game. I know he did photography). Our heroes in black are, L-R, Mike Pye (15), Stef Simpson (13), me (7), Colin Wood, and Steve Taylor (9). The guy I appear to be beating at the tip I think was Jim Chappell, and the Glyn no 7 was Adrian Webb, both of whom Colin and I played with in the Surrey Schools U19, and Adrian and I shared a room when we toured New England with Surrey Schools in March 1967. Jim went on to play for Sutton and Crystal Palace in London League and possibly the early days of the National League. I don’t know who the ref was but I expect he was useless!! Some things never change…

 click on a picture to see it in more detail

It’s almost as if the photo wanted to be found… spooky. Tolkien, eat your heart out!"
Don Howe has lent some his archive - here is the bantam team of 1955.
Watch for
Roger Maynard with dark hair top row extreme right.
  click on a picture to see it in more detail

Former Head of Geography Kingsley Gregory seems to be enjoying life:


Where are they now ? A note from Andre Walton last week from Las Vegas leads to his website that tells more:
"Dr. André Walton is a leading expert in the area of organizational creativity. Born and educated to Bachelor’s Degree level in England, André graduated with a Ph.D.  in Social Psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno,and has lived in Nevada since 1996. His research area was the social and environmental influences on creativity. In particular, examining how factors such as stress, competition and organizational norms effect people’s motivation to be creative.

The concept of Spherical Thinking was developed by André* as was the Group Affiliation Model of Creativity**. He has also been an active researcher in the field of social psychology and law and was a consultant for the National Judicial College.
Although he pursued academic research in recent years, André spent the previous twenty years as an active entrepreneur building an international corporate group based in Europe and the U.S. Originally trained as a physicist, André has also been a business consultant in the area of corporate growth through new product and new market development. André won three prestigious awards for his work in the areas of innovation, small business development and export marketing.

A keen musician, André has played flute on over a dozen CDs with musical styles ranging from celtic to jazz."



Snowdon Hut Update: John Gregory - son of legendary Kingsley Gregory has sent through these photos of Ben's Cottage taken this month.
He says " I met Rob who is now the new owner. Nice Chap. He works at Dinorwig and is a member of the
Snowdonia Mountain Rescue Team. The area where the Audi and digger are parked had been a huge excavation a month before. The tree in the centre of the path surrounded by grass has gone to allow the vehicle access. Dad says the windows have been replaced with double glazing. 

Ben's will open as a hostel. I understand the Nant Peris people are pleased that Ben's is again locally owned. It was bought by Purley Grammar School in 1961."
 click on a picture to see it in more detail


Halcyon Days - the Quad around 1985.


The Final Reunion DVD is now finished and was posted out to all of you who ordered a copy on Friday 17th August. Apart from all the speeches at the Reunion, it also includes an excellent tour of the School by Graham Tony and the 1963 and 1966 Snowdon Videos. That took up all the space available on the disk - other archive films will be available on another DVD at a later date.
Martin Jones has sent a couple from his archive - a class list and a soccer team for once.


Bill Barker has send some great photos from the War years - here you can just see the roof of the cycle shed in the foreground and just beyond in front of the tennis courts are two air-raid shelters left over from WW2.


The Panoramic Photo is also finished - you can see it in small size below but the big mother of all panoramic photos is HERE - when you have got it loaded on your screen RIGHT CLICK with yr mouse and SAVE AS to put it on yr hard drive to study. If you want to get a print out mail me at NPEATY@AOL.COM - as far as I know, the only people who offer such a service are in the USA but will post to the UK and it makes sense to bulk the order together.


Scandal ! - the current "headmaster" was horrified to find out the hugely expensive Architects' plans of the re-developed site were vandalised at the Reunion by someone scrawling a message in thick marker pen upon it. However the "brain of britain" who did the deed hadn't factored in the realities of teaching in modern Britain - everything is recorded on CCTV. The film is in the hands of the "powers that be" who will decide on further action. 17.27:30 is the time to watch for on the cctv footage.

So for those who want to see the vandalman in action as well as his accomplice supplying the pen - click on the PLAY icon just under the video below.

Alan Girling write with more thoughts on the Bill Patterson aerial here

Steve Henson writes from Norwich - seen on the London Eye and on Rugby Tour with Chris Collins in 1975 in Ireland.
Another gem from Bill Barker - Mr.Cooke taking a Physics class with 5B around 1950
click on the picture to see it in more detail

As it used to be. The first of several from Bill Barker taken during the War.
The Junior Bogs end of the school. On the Ist Floor above the Cloak Room were the Junior and Senior Chem Labs separated by the Prep Room.

Catch this beauty from the newly acquired Bill Patterson archive.

This aerial photo is very special - if you look at the photo in it's highest resolution <
click on the picture to see it in more detail   > you can see boys on the rugger pitch and walking out through the gates. A special prize for the year of the photo and the names of those lads.

Since publishing the photo the forensic minds of Purley have been studying it at length.

Alan Girling writes:"Well you surely wouldn’t expect to put in an aerial photo and me not to add my 10 penn’orth, would you? I think Martin and Phil have it about right.  The clue may lie in the VW camper on the right of the car park as we look at it.  I think it belonged to one Brian Newlands who arrived to teach Geography in about my 4th form.  He was my form teacher in the 5th (64-5) and I think he arrived a year before that, so it puts it no earlier than 1963.  The age of the other cars suggests not much later than 64-5 – there’s a couple of sit up and beg Ford Populars there which probably belonged to 6th formers (most of the teachers couldn’t afford a car!).  Basher (Harold Birchall) did indeed drive a red Cortina which he used to park right outside his office – the car there may indeed be it although it doesn’t look much like a Cortina.  Before that he had an old 1955 grey consul and that’s nowhere to be seen.  Bill Patterson used to drive a Singer Vogue or similar (might have been a Humber) which he got in 1965 – I seem to remember it was one of the first ‘C’ registrations around, but I don’t see that either, unless it’s the one partly obscured next to the mini van.  I think the ‘Bubble car’ might be an invalid carriage – we knew them by a much less PC term in those days.  We did have one kid (can’t recall the name) who was in a wheelchair so I suppose it might be his but he didn’t arrive until Lower VI, late 65.  Could be his.  If so this could be September / October 1965 – much later and the leaves would have dropped.

That’s my guess – long ramble to agree with the other two!  The Brian Newlands tenure is worthy of recall.  He went on to be head of Geography at the Girls’ School.  Rumour was he got lost on the way to work and ended up there (little touch of irony even in those days).  There were other theories, inevitably, although his wife also worked there, which is probably the most plausible explanation for such a defection.  He was remembered by us for two things really – once in a form registration he managed to demonstrate a woeful misunderstanding of us adolescent males and our attitude, referring to us as the ‘apathetic sludge’ of society.  Boy, were we proud of that.  These days it would have been known as street cred.  Little did he know…  The second was his habit of saying ‘off of’ – as in ‘the wind blew off of the mountains’.  We may not have been much use at English (not surprising – taught by a Welshman called Paddy Collins) but we knew all about ‘off of’.  He was known as Offof by most of us from quite early on in his career – maybe that’s why he went down the road…."

 Martin Sims writes :"just a couple of observations near the congregational church can be seen the air raid  siren this was tested monthly  in the mid sixties I remember hearing it when I was at Keston  I do not recall it being removed so that may be another   clue . Also there seems to be a dark  mark 1 Cortina  parked at phsb could this be Kingsley Gregory's  which  he had up until 1976  . Also I thought a light coloured   car in front of the main hall  could be  a Nash Metropolitan which I recall   had "  THE HEAP"  daubed on the side  this was presumably  owned by a member of staff  in the late 60,s  another pointer would be the dates of reconstructing the girl guides hall   which preceded  that of the scouts hall -   regards"

Phil Jolly writes:

"Great aerial photo from the Patterson archive! My guess for the year would be 1965, 66 or 67. The extension was finished in 64 and there appear to be lacrosse nets on the playing field and that was only played for 3 seasons. Also no sign of the 'new' tennis courts beyond the pavilion although I don't know when they were built (certainly before I left in 68).
Who knows I could be in the picture!

Martin Jones writes "Science block, dining hall and gym are in place, no 'Tom, Dick or Harry', hence post-1963.

Vintage of vehicles suggests not much after that. Martin Everett's Bedford van, FAN 650D, does not appear to be in shot, hence
pre-1967.  Is the dark vehicle outside the Head's study Birchall's red car, if so pre-1966? And who owned the bubble car that appears to be parked outside the Hall, I certainly recall a teacher having one!

Lacrosse pitch, Scout & Guide Huts next to the shops, and Green Line 709 stop outside the school gates are all in my time, pre-1968.

I'm going to plump for 1965! Not a clue on the pupils coming out of school or next to Bill Patterson's Room 30, or in Grange Park, even with a magnifying glass. Would love to have a positive fix on anyone in the photo.

Martin Jones"


By popular request here is the video shown at the Reunion
Press play to watch it.


The Final Reunion 2007 -Saturday 30 June 2007

It happened.  Thanks for all the wonderful support - lots of archive material was donated and will
appear on the new expanded FeP soon  - watch this space. The big panoramic group photo will be published towards the
end of July when I can give it the time it requires.

Here is one of Derek Akers giving his speech. Below that photo is the slideshow.

click on the picture to see it in more detail

If you want to see all the photos - then the album is on - click on the link below to see it.

You will see a " view as slideshow " link in the album on the right of the page to make it easier. 
You can also see them in full resolution and right click to save on yr own PC.


The stair by what used to be Room 2 leading down to Staff Room.

Then and Now - Geoff Hayes in the 1975 photo and again in New York recently.


You can almost smell the atmosphere - here is the Chemistry lab. Check out the stools and the gas taps. The fun we had. Thanks to Dr. A. Allen for the photo. He sends his regards to all at the Reunion. He lives in the West Country is unable to attend. click on the picture to see it in more detail



What a nugget from Geoff Hayes -

"Hundreds in trek for mountain camp.               
Purley High School for Boys helped to raise £4000 towards
improvements to their camp in Snowdonia on Monday.
More than 600 people, including parents and staff, took
part in a sponsored walk round Kenley aerodrome.
Geography teacher Mr M Davis walked the farthest, 45
miles, and 45 boys and staff tramped more than 30 miles.
Coulsdon and Purley Advertiser, Friday 20th February 1976"

click on the picture to see it in more detail
Alan Girling writes:

Below is a picture of the first Basketball team to lift the Surrey Schools U19 Championship.  Good recall of names – possibly a Christian name or two out, but here goes: < see above the picture >

Sorry if I got Mr Brown’s first name wrong.  The back row players were all U17s whom Del was keen to get into the squad for U19 experience – though they were all there on merit.  In the league play-off against Glyn (who else?) Colin and I were marked out of the game but Mike Pye played a blinder and scored the winning basket.  We won by 2 points.  This was the team that ran up 244 points in one game against Daintree, who then surprisingly dropped out of the league

Of the others on the front row, I don’t know where Rog went, but the remaining 4 of us went to play at club level for Cherokees, joining up with Keith Denyer and Colin’s brother Steve, who were at Warlingham School.  Also at Cherokees was Mark Potashnick from our previous year.  Colin and I, together with Steve Wood and Keith Denyer went on to win a National Championship with Bromley and have remained close friends all these years.  Stef was head of IT at Commercial Union for a while then I lost contact.  Colin was, certainly up to the end of last season, still playing at the age of 57!  He claims not to be as quick as he was… 

Which leaves Steve Taylor, one of the most popular blokes in the school at the time, great sense of humour and a prodigious farter.  Sadly, Steve died of lung cancer at the age of 25, leaving a wife and baby. 

Back row L-R: Del Eneas, Terry (?) Brown, Stu Wilson, Mike Pye, Steve Dawe, Carl Pearson (Scorer)
Front, L-R: Roger Stansfield, Colin Wood, Steve Taylor, Alan Girling, Stef Simpson.
click on the picture to see it in more detail


A wonderful picture and note from Allan Mason. He writes "I've attached a photo which actually was taken by the teacher (name's gone) who confiscated my camera (I had a trusty Leica) when he caught me taking photos during the lesson.  He then took this pic of us which was very sporting of him!   Gordon spence on the left, Graham fisher centre (he is coming to the reunion) and me looking unbelievably younger on the right!  about 1965.
click on the picture to see it in more detail


The old gym and sports hall are now RIP - only George Love's Metal work shop stands against the army of JCB's and demolition men. Check out the pics below for the panorama of view of ground zero PGS. click on the picture to see it in more detail -- ps its a BIG photo !
And as it was with the end of the Gym just showing.

Inside the gym - we used to sit on the windows sills atop the wallbars to watch basketball matches. Health and Safety - pish ! This photo taken recently - the dust on the sills is deep.


The vandals are at the gates of Rome - the demolition has already started. Thanks to Graham Tong for this photo. click on the picture to see it in more detail


A wealth of photos are being uncovered as Old Boys start dusting off old shoeboxes full of memories in advance of the Reunion. Here we have the 1946 Panorama - there are several in this photo who will be attending on June 30th.
click on the picture to see it in more detail - be patient - it's a very big file size.


Another video gem - it has long been rumoured that there existed a 8mm film of several of the first ever outings to Bens Cottage in Snowdon. The film was taken over several visits and records the renovation of the derelict wreck into the our very own "Grand Design". There are too many faces to be named but of note is a very young David Shepherd ( head boy and then chemistry teacher ), Edward Stachak and George Love ( often wearing an orange bobble hat ). Make sure you click bottom right-ish drop down button and watch it ORIGINAL SIZE....Click below to see it hosted on Google video.

20 min 9 sec - 10-May-2007
No longer there- I believe the gym block and the metal and wood workshops have now been demolished


A new photo from Microsoft Live shows the sad end to the Pavilion - only the base remains. Older readers may wonder what happened to the bike sheds and the Tennis Court in the area outside Room 21. It's now replaced with a peace garden for contemplation. In the quad you can see the new Greenhouse which beckons a cricket ball thrown from distance. The photo of the rest of the site follows on the next update.


A note from Nigel Wood included these pics of circa 1975 and 2007 - contact details are on the contacts page here.


click on the picture to see it in more detail  ---  UPDATE BELOW

An update from former headboy Chris Hendry who throws light on the photo above.
" I have been put onto the reunion by Dave Carpenter and have managed to wangle the
day off - so I am intending to come. So please can you put me down on the list.

As for the 1975 prefects photo - well I was head boy that year and the names (as
far as I can remember) are below :-

Back row left to right :-

Gorden Swap, Chris Jones, Bob James, Bob Green , Tim Chown, Richard "Plod"
Allen, Dave Carpenter, Hugh Glossop, Nick King, Steve Horn, Andy Pike.

Middle row again left to right :-

Nigel Eaton, Alan Whales, Bob Starling, Nick Seely, David Orpin, Bas Kadam, Rod
Newman, James Doman, Geoff Fabron, David Hall.

front row L to R

Nigel Young, Paul Lindley, Paul Winder, Don Adamson (Deputy Head boy), Me, David
Bunkell (Deputy Head boy), Anthony Short (Deputy Head Boy), xxxx, Tim Crump.

Ok the xxxx on the last line is testing the grey cells a litte -- I remember his
surname as being something like either Ferris or Fearris - but cannot remember
his Christian name at the moment."



Ben's Cottage News. As you might have heard the Cottage has now been sold and today I have received a note that confirms that it is still in good hands. " My name is Rob Booth i am the new owner of Ben's cottage . And just for your info Ben's is going to be run as a bunkhouse with wardens accomodation . I have just received planning permission from national  park to do so . All the best Rob Booth"


form list 1972-3 3c

Submitted by:

Bailey (Clive ?)
Blay (Phil)
Bramwell (Peter)
Brown (Steve?)
Couch (Max)
Ewen (Phil)
Flouch (Hugh?)

Hewitt (Ian?).



Kingswood (Tim)
Linley (Steve?)
Marney (David)
Mayes (Malcolm - now deceased)
Popham (Steve)
Richardson (Alan
Seymour (Jeremy - later head boy)
Tassie (Steve)
Taylor (Simon - later deputy head boy)
Wilson (Andrew)
Wilson (Peter?)
added to the register during the year:


click on the picture to see it in more detail
Martin Sims writes: I am an old pupil from 1974-78 and I can identify some of the pupils The photo I believe was in year 77-78 when we were in upper 6th . Sitting left to right is Paul Woodard, Lee Earnshaw , anon, John Vedy and James Craggs the latter is on friends reunited and is now a doctor. Paul Woodard lived at 34 Marlpit lane and joined Nat West. Messrs Earnshaw and Vedy I believe went on to university the boys in front row l-r are Paul Woodard, Lee Earnshaw , anon, John Vedy and James Craggs. The latter is now a doctor. You can contact Martin by looking on the contacts page here


Another school photo. Through the years - there have been many school photos in addition to the 1970 one. Here is 1975 - we haven't ever got round to naming everyone in the 1970 pic so i am not sure whether we will do better here. Over the next few weeks I will publish it in sections but in the meantime click on the picture to see it in more detail .

Martin Sims recalls: I will be able to give lots of names as I was in 4th year then I recall it was taken around May. I can remember a 190 bus passing  and the driver stopped in amazement.


Brian McKenna sends the first of many team photos from his archives. Many of us will recognise some of the faces in the photos who went on to become legends.
click on the picture to see it in more detail - the quality of Brian's scan is superb. If you look at the photo full size you can examine the rugger boots and even the grass blades in minute detail. My wife says I am sad. She may be right.


Tim Mander writes - you can contact him on - His contact details are on the contacts page HERE
"Scan of Evening Standard article as promised. I note that DGS did not actually attend but submitted a letter for consideration. A few old names in this extract. When the GPO van was spotted I remember charging back along the top floor to report to the 'broadcasters' who then began unplugging everything and chucking bits out of the window!
So what have I been up to for the past third of a century? I worked in the Life and Pensions industry for 20 years before being made redundant in 1992. Re-employed in 1993, and after amalgamation, became the Assistant Company Secretary for 9 companies in a multi million pound Business Process Outsourcer. Made redundant in 2003 (again) I now work at Waitrose, no more taking work home and 10 minutes walk away. Supplement income by buying and selling on internet.
Married in 1976 I have one daughter (aged 25) who bought her own place last year. My wife works for a veterinary surgeon which is rather handy as we have 1 horse, 2 cats and 4 dogs. Have lived in Horley for past 22 years.
I have a habit, much to my wife's chagrin, of collecting Torquay Pottery, old books and postcards/ephemera of Horley and Babbacombe
As for old school 'chums', I don't see anyone anymore (I used to hang out with Bob Belither many years ago). I bumped into Giles Easterbrook (who I don't remmber from school) a few months ago and I understand he was into music composing and publishing.
My lasting memories of PGS were lunchtime swimming at the unheated pool at Caterham Barracks in mid winter (getting there in the lovely old damp coach); receiving the cane from DGSA for connecting the gas tap and the water tap via a small hose, turning both on and watching the boys at the back of the class get water out of their gas taps (anyone remember Konrad Mau?, he actually turned the water tap on and escaped the cane); and those bastards of prefects who, as a result of me slightly infringing a minor rule made me learn and recite in the prefects room Hamlet's Soliloquy. If I ever get my hands on those prefects again............................."

Tim will be at the June Reunion...



Martin Jones writes :
"Dear Nick,  I was very sorry to hear of the death of Rob Lane. He was a nice guy, a good sportsman (he is in the 1963 Rugby photo with Vic Gilbert as well as the 1967 cricket photo and did much to thaw attitudes towards football at Purley in the 1960s), and was a natural choice to be a Senior Prefect in 1967 / 68 (see Old News 2006 for a photo). According to The Bourne (1967 / 68), he was a Form Aide to 3C that year and may well therefore be known to some of the guys in the 1970 photo. I am sorry we shall not be seeing him at the Reunion on 30th June.

I can help Phil Jolly with the names of the 3rd XI in 1967. They are (back), Chris Lock, Roger Yapp, John Butler, Phil Jolly; (front) Van Beinum, Keith Wood, Martin Jones, Rob Lane, Martin Everett, Lloyd, Pete Wood; and Dave Jolly was the scorer. By the time the 3rd XI played their memorable fixture
against the Staff on 30th June 1967 (ironic date that), there had been a mass change of personnel, and the likes of Roger Massey, Nigel Tharby and Carl Pearson helped the 3rds to get to within 200-odd runs of the Staff total (including Messrs Rainforth, Biswas, Yorke & Pickett) before Bill Patterson decided that he had seen enough.

How many survivors will re-live the memory on the school field exactly 40 years later I wonder?"


Great joys from Seattle - Anthony Short has sent several great photos -including the school photo taken in 1975. He can be seen front row 3rd from right.  Phil Jolly has also sent the  school photo taken in 1937 that includes Arthur Jewett as a young student teacher. Both will appear in high resolution in due course but today we have the prefects from 1975. Suggestions of the names please!!


Very sad news from Phil Jolly who report reports the sad death of Robin Lane. He is shown below as Captain of the Cricket team.

"I have heard from Malcolm Pyke who has spoken to Robin Lane's widow, Sandy. 

She informs me that Robin was Head Teacher at Lostock Hall Community Primary School, Preston for over 16 years and held a M.A and B.A. Robin was also a qualified school inspector and when he retired due to ill health, he kept up his UK school inspections by flying over to Lancashire and then writing up his reports from France, despite his advancing illness. He died in July 2005 aged 56"


They are (back),
Chris Lock, Roger Yapp, John Butler, Phil Jolly;
(front) Van Beinum, Keith Wood, Martin Jones, Rob Lane, Martin Everett, Lloyd, Pete Wood; and Dave Jolly was the scorer.
A note from Phil Jolly who includes the above photo - I am sure Martin Jones will be able to complete the team list.
Phil writes "My brother David passed on the sad news of the demolition of PCGS and the planned reunion in June. Could you please add my name to the list as I can't let this last opportunity to visit the old place slip by (I haven't been back in 39 years).
I was incarcerated from 1960 - 68 (yes 8 years!) enjoyed playing cricket for the 3rds under Robin Lane and showed very little academic promise. Arthur Jewitt, in a rare show of foresight, wrote in my final report (23Jul68): "Likely to achieve only modest academic success; but capable of carving for himself a successful business career. Good luck"
I subsequently joined a City bank as a trainee and retired early from S.G. Warburg & Co Ltd (International Investment Bankers; since swallowed by UBS) as a Director of the Personnel Division! I now live very happily in South Devon with my wife and two daughters and work part time as the Senior Exam Invigilator at our local comprehensive.
Many thanks for fasetpatria, its a wonderful site full of memories."


Jon Woolhouse asks "any idea if Len Kneller is still alive ?" - not my era so answers please readers !


Many thanks to all of you who have responded to the Reunion notice on Friendsreunited - after only a few days we have over 50 positive responses including some Old Boys from the 1950's who are coming along expecting to see Dr. Birchall, Arthur Jewett, Taffy Williams and George Winter. Who wants to break the news to them?


David Bunkell
writes that he is going to be at the Reunion 2007 - and he has sent his details. He is on and has his own website "Following twenty-four enjoyable and successful years as a teacher and senior manager in maintained and independent day and boarding schools, David Bunkell now works as a freelance professional musician and as a musical and educational consultant. He has a varied life, inspecting schools, teaching, advising, examining, adjudicating and performing. As a supply teacher, he still teaches occasionally."

His contact details are on the contacts page HERE


Ed Kibble writes from Florida -

"Loved the updated website for Fas et Patria, and I wondered whether you might update my email address in case any of the old crowd try to get in touch – this is it!!’  Many thanks and all best regards from Florida .Ed K - Edward N. Kibble, DMS, Dip.M."

You can contact Ed on

Ed's details appears like all the rest on the contacts page HERE or from the main menu

FINALLY - we get almost the full details of the 1963 Rugby Team.
Colin Wood writes -
"Hi Nick, I  remember you along with paul masters ,his brother keith and paul cocks also i see paul rawcliffe in the pub in selsdon every weds. I see alan girling quite a bit but frankly most of my school mates are a distant memory and i never see any of them. I just recently found the site and saw my
picture in the rugby team of 62/3 so here is my effort to name as many as i remember .I may get a few wrong here goes
back L - R
OOD (me) Rob Lane ,JOHN DRUMMOND ,VIC GILBERT (teacher)
,Roger Massey ,A
front L-R

if anyone wants to contact me it would be great i am on

Ed's note- Colin's details appears like all the rest on the contacts page HERE or from the main menu



Just as we are hearing of the proposed demolition of the School  - please find below pictures of the construction of the Swimming Pool - i guess around 1976.
A wonderful opportunity for that very rare present has arisen on Ebay - Clive Tucker has spotted this gem. Click on the photo to be taken to the Ebay site where you can start the bidding. These amazingly fall under the category of Antiquarian Books!  "


1939 Prospectus (has pencil marks inside)

"The Bourne"
Summer 1937 Vol. IX, No.2 (16 pages)
Spring 1938 Vol. X, No.1 (16 pages)
Spring 1939 Vol. XI, No.1 (16 pages)
Autumn 1939 Vol.XI, No.3 (20 pages)

"The Bourne"
Final Issue 1988 (90 pages)

All in very good condition for age. No tears or loose pages"


Where the **** do these all come from ? Here is a great picture of the Rugby XV of 1962-ish - i hope someone can come to the rescue with the names. I can only recognise Chris Colins in the front row - 3 from the left and Phil Whittaker's older brother sitting front row 3rd from right. The legendary Vic Gilbert, the French Master stands proudly in the middle row at the back - Den Berridge is 2 from right in the back row and Mathie next to Vic Gilbert.  click on the picture to see it in more detail


From the dusty archives - we now have the full team listing thanks to a note from Yves Lehur who is pictured in the front row. He writes "Back Line – Moody, Paterson, Brown, Dawe, Mr Tyler (I Think), Pye, Trott, Lee (probably may be Leslie), Teare
Front Line – Bates, Butler, Garrett, Le Hur, Mathie, Bevis, Cogliatti, Wilson, West

Wow, What a headache I’ve got now!! Time for a beer. Say hello to everyone for me - Yves!!"

 click on the picture to see it in more detail

On the pavvy steps. A close up showing the gnarled beam, the Memorial Plaque and the Clock. All long since destroyed. Readers probably won't be aware, far less be interested in the fact that Graham Tong and Nick Peaty made the scoreboard in woodwork under the watchful eye of Mr Peter Yorke in 1973. Yawn. It is Mike Bonsier, then  Chairman of Governors, with DGS Akers, and the pupil with them is Nick Henwood, who was Headboy in about 1982-83.



RIP - the demolition of the School Gym and Workshops has begun.

For those not following the story, please note that the whole school will be demolished next year and this is just the beginning. Some photos of the Gym Wall bars where we used to sit, Taffy's vaulting horse and the Workshops are below.

George Love ( right ) will be revolving like a lathe in his grave.


 Kingsley Gregory writes "Just two extras to add to Alan Girling’s super letter about  ‘Bens’ which Purley Boys  referred to as the ‘Snowdon Hut’ -  though I would have preferred ‘Snowdon Field Centre’ – a more worthy title!  As Alan rightly says “The school acquired the cottage in the early 60’s”.  It was one of many lots up for auction from the Vaynol Estate which owned much property from Snowdonia to the Menai Straits.  The School bid and acquired the lot for £100.  Not a bad buy eh!  It was however almost derelict, as Alan described, but had potential and with the enthusiasm of staff and boys it was rebuilt by working parties from the school.  On a cross beam in the communal room area are the initials of staff who undertook the work with the boys.  George Love was a stalwart and dedicated craftsman – a great leader.  There was indeed an earlier ‘School Hut’ nearer Nant Peris. – basically a barn beside the southern side of the road about half way between Lyn Peris and Nant Peris.  ‘Bens’ replaced it.

The property was called ‘Bens’ because the slate miners’ cottages (possibly comprising two cottages originally) was at one time the home of the Bens Family. Chris Mitchelmore and I when staying there leading a 6th Form Geography Field Course had the misfortune to face Tom Bens when he arrived unexpectedly up the bank from the road.  He was not a happy chappie and hurled ‘unkind’ words at us all!  Apparently he was born in the property – thus his outburst of anger that we English now owned it.  He seemed to have overlooked the fact that we rebuilt it and brought it back into use.  We were glad to see him eventually depart to his home in Nant Peris where his antagonism was well known.

With Happy Memories of those Days in Snowdonia with Super Pupils,

Kingsley Gregory"         


Alan Girling writes - about Bens Cottage ( aka The Snowdon Hut )
"The school acquired the cottage in the early 60’s.  It wasn’t called Ben’s Cottage during my tenure (1960-67), but simply referred to as ‘the Snowdon Hut’.  The first mention of it included some photos (no idea where they went or who took them) of a derelict miner’s hut.  It had the stone walls that survive today but no roof, no timbers, no door or windows.  It’s the sort of thing that people buy today with view to converting to a holiday home, and you look at them as if they are bonkers.  I mean, who in their right mind would want a holiday home in North Wales?  Anyway purchase it the school did, though from whom I don’t know.  I think its origins had something to do with the local slate mining industry which would have been in full swing in the late 19th century – the cottage itself is probably quite a bit older.&aws I seem to recall it was a replacement for another establishment in Nant Peris on which either the lease had expired or it had fallen down.  But this was almost certainly not the school’s first foray into this neck of the woods.  I think the other place was much closer to the pub…..

I do know that George Love and others spent a number of school holidays there either doing or supervising the restoration, including a number of pupils – not sure whether these were volunteers or hoodwinked into believing it was part of their woodwork / metalwork curriculum.  Anyway, it was ready (as distinct from ‘finished’) by the time I was in the 4th form – which would have been around 1964, which was when I made the first of two visits – in the old Bedford coach driven by one Mr Herbert (who taught chemistry) and accompanied by the one and only Mr E Stachach, no less.  I think it was on this visit that we came to realise that under that hard exterior, he was a very sensitive and caring bloke and it forged a very different relationship between him and us from then on.  It was also on this trip that the bus acquired its ‘Chawmumbly’ tag – can’t remember the name of the bloke who painted it on but I can remember watching him do it and wondering what the f**k Chawmumbly was.

In the early days the school stayed true to its aim of using the hut partly for recreational purposes and partly for A Level Geography field trips, which was why I returned in 1966/7 in the company of Bill Patterson and Mr Jeffries (can’t remember his first name – Lionel??).  A trip made particularly memorable on the way back by a kid called Hazeldine having to get off the bus at Betws-y-Coed (a linear settlement, apparently) to empty a plastic bag full of sick.  Ah, happy days!

Cheers "




DEMOLITION TEAMS ARE GETTING READY ! The first planning application has gone in for "Demolition of changing rooms, swimming pool and gym; erection of two storey extension to sports hall to provide dance and sports facilities; provision of multi use games area and two tennis courts"      Isn't that what they are demolishing?



Do you want a unique Christmas present for your loved one? For the princely sum of £10 inc p&p you can be the proud owner of a DVD that includes the TWO films below. These are the Kingsley Gregory Cine of the Snowdon trip of 1966 - for 40 years it has remained unseen by the world and the Rugby Match at Purley Grammar in 1973. Haunting stuff.
Clips of both films are shown below. Mail me at NPEATY@AOL.COM for the details. All profits to the website.

“ Please note that Kingsley Gregory and Graham Tong  have donated the DVD of these films totally free of all charge for the benefit of former pupils who enjoyed a holiday at Bens and played Rugby at PGS."


Lawks a mercy ! just when you thought the bottle was almost empty, someone comes along with a case of vintage joy!
This week saw the emergence from the Archives of Kingsley Gregory ( the former Geography Teacher ) of a DVD of a RE lesson that he filmed in 1968 with 2c as the cast. Entitled "The Early Life of St Paul in the form of a dream" it shows a lesson in Room 3 with all the lads and KHG in full flight writing on the blackboard and wearing a gown ( when did this habit stop - only Derek Akers and Bill Patterson are wearing gowns in the 1970 photo ? ). This gem will be available soon as a DVD or even as a "video podcast"

click on a picture to see it in more detail or WATCH THE FILMS LIVE NOW - CLICK HERE


click on the picture to see it in more detail
Ben's Cottage was sold in July.  The proceeds have gone to Bens Educational Trust, which used to be responsible for overseeing the use of Ben's by the three schools (PGS, Taunton Manor & Woodcote) and their successor institutions.  The Trust will continue, but with a different approach to meeting its objectives.  The Trust was founded to promote enjoyment and education through the outdoors with Bens as its vehicle to achieve those objectives.  Use of the cottage had dwindled to about three trips per year, so the Trust was at risk of incurring costs while not getting any income, and not achieving anything useful.  Now, the Trustees will be inviting applications for support for a broader range of activities from the schools/colleges.

I am not sure of the origins of Ben's cottage- I hope some of our older readers can tell me more of it's history. I do know that there is a video of George Love, Arthur Jewett et al building the Cottage in the early 1960's and i hope this will be available as a DVD.


More from the Snowdon Video taken by Kingsley Gregory in 1965. Can anyone help with the identities of those pictured frollicking?


Sad news to all PGS Alumini - the School is going to be demolished.

Yours truly and Steve Kiss ( pictured with Derek Akers ) met with the former Headmaster for lunch. It was the first time we had spoken to him since in 1974 and very interesting to hear his memories of the School, the Boys and particularly the Staff. He has given me a large archive of photos and memorabilia which will appear on here.

He does bring news that the School is going to be demolished after summer 2007. Most of the playing fields will be sold for housing and a new 6th form College built that is more relevant to "the needs of a modern society".

We will be planning a final Reunion Dinner at the School before this heresy takes place - probably a Friday in June 2007. Derek will ensure that as many Staff attend as can he can recruit will be there, whilst the website, Old Boys and Rugby Club will try to gather the troops of Boys for one last tour of the corridors. click on the picture to see it in more detail


More from Kingsley Gregory ....."Last evening I looked at the latest edition  of Fasetpatria and observed that your commentary accompanying the photograph of Steve Brown and Colin Giddens taken from my Snowdon Holiday film asks  -  “… can anyone tell us who this teacher is?  Answer – he is not a teacher or anyone associated with our group – only the chap with his children in front of us in the canoe queue!  Sorry to disillusion you since he was better looking than me!! KHG is shown in the 1970 photo and at a reunion in 2005 standing with former Head Boy and Tuck Shop Vandal Paul Masters.

Kingsley Gregory writes about his first ever film appearance "You are probably unaware of one thing that may interest you on the Snowdon film.  About half way through the film at the close of the swimming section there is a photo of me seemingly standing in the water.  The boys were splashing about and having a great time in the stream that flowed behind the house standing on the other side of the valley opposite the school hut.  I think their initial expressions correctly suggest the water was freezing cold – but they all had a great time.  However, at the close of my filming I positioned myself too close to the water’s edge, and then began to slither into the water with no hope of saving myself.  My slide into the water was definite but at least I had the chance to get my cine camera onto the grass!  One of the boys picked up my camera quickly enough to record my emergence from my baptism with all clothing soaking wet !  This was received with great glee from all the boys.  I remember my trek back to the hut was not entirely comfortable as you would imagine !  Anyway now you know the background to this particular picture. All good stuff from happy days."

Those of you who were familiar with the Gym prior to the arrival of the Sports Hall, will well remember the Super K basketballs often thrown by Taffy Williams at people who he called "Fat Heads". After an unexpected blow by one of these "bad boy" balls that soon became a self fulfilling prophecy. This ball is the last know actual ball from the Gym and resides in the Ball Museum. Here is Derek Eneas signalling 2 points for a basket in the gym in 1971.


The Rugger game in the 1973 Cine film began with almost 15 seconds of "warm ups". These comprised of bending over and waggling for as much as 3 rotations of the shoulders.

Below left is "Jedge" Compton and a ruck forming. To the extreme left is Steve "Plant" Paine and in the middle is Malcolm Grant. Peter Hall is playing scrum half on the left side. Both Jedge and Malcolm have disappeared - anyone know of their whereabouts? Let me know.



click on a picture to see it in more detail


A composite of some of the 1973 Rugby Second XV taken from the Cine film  - below for more details. Available on DVD soon.

click on the picture to see it in more detail

Left to Right : NO IDEA < suggestions please ! >, Nick Ananin, Paul Rawcliffe, Dave Walke, Trevor Philips, Morgan WIlliams and Alan Cosgrove.


Seen for the first time since 1973 - a colour panorama of the old school field starring to the lost green fire escape by room 13 upstairs and the Old Pavvy. Made up from stills from Michelle Maitland's Home Movie.
click on the picture below to see it in more detail


Phoorrr...what a scorcher of a summer on sooner has Kingsley Gregory's film of the 1966 Snowdon trip hit the DVD format than we get the joys of the 1973 Rugby teams in action. Also now on DVD format - and LOTS of faces. As it was their birthdays last week here are Phil Jones and Clive Bealey as they were in "thems olden days".

It is almost inconceivable that such a thing exists but here is the proof........more to follow on in due course. Look out for Albert Bealey in the background with "teacher" Chris Mitchelmore carrying the balls and the "Professionals" style 'tache. Who is with Garth Wright and Dickie Bird in the tie pulling scene below.?
click on the pictures below to see more detail


Over the next few weeks I will publish some screen grabs from Kingsley Gregory's Cine film taken on the school trip to
Snowdon in 1966. Naturally they all stayed in Ben's Cottage which survives to this day - there are plenty of current photos on
here including Derek Akers outside last summer. Click here to see it.  The older photos will be given there own section click here to see them all together.



L to R : Steve Brown in Mod Pork Pie hat, Mr Jeffreys < geography >, Colin Giddens

The Snowdon Mountain Railway.

The idea of the Snowdon Mountain Railway was first proposed in 1869, when Llanberis was linked to Caernarfon by the London & North Western Railway. The Llanberis-Caernarfon line closed in the 1960's, but the Snowdon railway kept going, even through both World Wars.
Snowdon Mountain Railway was constructed between December 1894 and February 1896 at a total cost of £76,000, from the base station at Llanberis


Amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing News - Kingsley Gregory - our Geography Master took some cine 8 footage and for 40 years it has remained unseen by the world. At last we can reveal the footage and further more even copies of the DVD. This unique film will be shown on here as stills and eventually streaming in low definition PGS ( pretty grotty screengrabs ). I hardly know any of the participants so please email me if you know who is who! click on the pictures below to see more detail.
Peter Jeffrey was in charge of the Party who took to the Hut in 1966 in the ancient school bus. First off the bus was a very young Bubbles Ward ..... These stills are the first of many !


           click on the pictures to see more detail.



The power of the Internet - no less than 3 days after appealing for any information about the war record of Arthur Jewitt an email was received from his grandson, Nick Parry. He also included a couple of pictures from the family album that are also shown below. A very interesting addition to our knowledge of the great man. Read on below the photos.......

Beatrice & Arthur Jewitt mid 1930s at 56 Court Hill Sanderstead

Hastings 1943


Staff photo in 1955

On the 1988 cricket tour with Peter Yorke

Whilst browsing the internet, I came across your site dedicated to Purley
County Grammar School - of particular interest to me because I am Arthur
Jewitt's grandson (son of his only daughter, Hazel). How interesting to see
a couple of photos of him both recent and I think from deepest, darkest
history (in particular the photograph of him on the "History" page - is this

You ask on the site for information regarding his war record - I can happily
pass on what I know, which is far from comprehensive, I'm afraid. He was
encouraged by my Grandmother, who outlived him by about 6 months (he in fact
died in December 1999, not 1996 as stated on the site) to keep his war
service to himself; she didn't encourage or enjoy discussion of the war
years. However, it is I think fair to say that when given the opportunity he
enjoyed reminiscing, although he took his Official Secrets Act obligations
extremely seriously and even in 1990 when he was no longer bound by the act,
having taken it 50 years previously, he didn't wish to go into great detail,
perhaps believing that some things were better left in the past. It's also
worth noting that at around this time he suffered two strokes which affected
his memory (he eventually developed alzheimers disease and died finally from
complications following surgery).

What I can pass on though, I will.....

In I think 1936 or 1937, my grandfather visited Germany and lived I believe
in the Munich area for around six months, where he taught at a school. I
believe this was as part of some sort of academic, teaching exchange
programme. During this time, he stayed with a German family. Whilst he never
saw Hitler speak, he used to recount that the family with whom he was
staying did attend a Nazi rally at which Hitler spoke, and returned
completely intoxicated by National Socialist properganda. This "conversion"
clearly left a lasting impression on him, because when he returned to the
UK, he told us that the path to war was, to him, a clear one. He therefore
joined the Territorial Army (The Honourable Artillery Company). He underwent
basic training and then spent some time attached to an anti-aircraft battery
somewhere in the London area (might have been on Wimbledon Common, but not
100% certain about this).

The fact that he was a linguist who had recently spent time in Germany came
to the attention of the authorities; exactly how, I'm not sure. He used to
tell us that he was summoned to an interview somewhere in London where his
level of proficiency in German was assessed and it was decided that whilst
he could certainly never pass for a native and therefore be eligible for
Special Operations Executive work, it was sufficient for him to become an
interrogator. He therefore joined Military Intelligence. This would have
been I think in early 1940.

The first interrogations I can remember him mentioning were with captured
German aircrew during the battle of Britain and I believe he mainly worked
in the East Anglia area. Whilst he never really went into detail about
individual interrogations, he once described interrogating a particularly
fanatical Nazi (I think a pilot whom he would have interrogated around this
time) and having to withhold medical treatment until he obtained the
information he needed. I remember getting the sense when he told this story
that this memory rather haunted him; perhaps not something in hindsight he
wished he had done.

He also spoke of being involved around this time with an early raid on the
French Coast, during which a building known to contain German Officers was
attacked and some Officers taken prisoner - exactly what his role was
however, I can't be sure and it was never entirely clear whether he actively
participated in this operation or simply interrogated those captured as a
result of it.

He travelled on a convoy to North Africa (I believe he was there between '41
and '43), where his interrogation duties continued with the Desert Rats.
Interestingly, he always held Rommel in high esteem, even many years later
when I knew him, and was proud to have interrogated Rommel's captured driver
on one occasion. During this period he spent some time with the Long Range
Desert Group (LRDG), the forerunner of the SAS. He certainly joined their
patrols, I presume to interrogate captured German soldiers, and on occasions
came under fire. He recalled a few times that on one patrol his jeep was
attacked and his driver killed. I'm not aware however, that he was injured.

Whilst in Africa, he was sent to interrogate a captured U-Boat crew. He used
to tell us that at the time, he believed the information he got from this
crew was extremely important. I have no idea of it's exact nature, but he
certainly had a lifelong fascination with the Enigma story and went into
paroxysms of delight when, towards the end of his life, he saw an Enigma
machine for the first time at the Imperial War Museum, so it may have been
to do with code breaking. Assuming the information he had to be highly
important, he sent a communication to London proposing that he should
himself return to the UK with the captured U-Boat captain to give a
briefing. However, a telegram came back instructing him to "SEND", not
"BRING" the Captain to the UK and proceed himself to Djibouti. He used to
tell this story with a twinkle in his eye because secretly, he told us, he
had hoped to get back to the UK to see his newly-born daughter! However, the
best laid plans clearly didn't come to pass!

He retained an irrational life-long hatred of Djibouti, partly perhaps
because of this incident, but also because whilst there he contracted
malaria and became severely ill for several months. The information,
meanwhile which he had hoped might be his ticket home turned out to be of
less importance than he had anticipated (he inquired as to it's importance
when back in London later in the war).

When talking with my Grandfather about the war, there was always a bit of a
"gap" in his recollections covering the time after he was in Africa. Quite
what he was up to during this period ('44 and early '45?) I don't know;
possibly because he didn't feel able to discuss it. However, after the D-Day
landings, he was sent to Germany and reached Berlin in the immediate
aftermath of the city's fall. He visited the Fuhrer Bunker and whilst there,
"liberated / looted?!" an interesting souvenir; a piece of marble allegedly
part of Hitler's writing desk (I'm not sure if it hails from the bunker
itself or from the ruined Reich Chancellery).

He remained in Germany until he was de-mobbed in 1946. During this period of
post-war service, he was heavily involved with the de-Nazification
programme. As a teacher, he was particularly involved with the re-building
of the German education system and ensuring that those teaching in the new
Germany were not Nazi sympathisers. On leaving the army, he had attained the
rank of Lieutenant Colonel

It is this period of post-war service which infuriated my Grandmother, who
had hoped that he would return as soon as the war ended. Therefore the whole
subject, as I mentioned earlier, became one which she disliked discussing
and so much to other, intrigued family member's annoyance, he didn't
perhaps tell us as much as we would have liked. However, above is the little
that I know.

I would be particularly interested to hear whether he discussed these things
at Purley County and what the stories/myths were regarding his war record,
at the school! I am starting to research this period of his life and whilst
these things take a good deal of time as I'm sure you'll appreciate, if I do
find out anything else of interest I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I hope this rather long e-mail is of some interest and
might fill in a few gaps or perhaps dispell some myths!

Great to see your site - what a surprise. Keep it up!

All the best,

Nick Parry
The Summer Holiday season is almost here - so what nicer place to visit than Snowdonia National
Park ? thought Paul Masters. Imagine his amazement when pushing on the ajar door of Ben's Cottage to find.....


Quelle horreur - Mr and Mrs Derek Akers - the latter wearing shorts. Heavens Forfend.

click on the pictures for a bigger version.

REUNION 2005 - all the photos can be found here.

click on the below pictures for a bigger version.

Many thanks to Chris Gibson for organising a wonderful night. Despite apologies for last minute absences the school echoed once more to eager voices looking for the Ghost of Petitt and the thunder of Cringe.


Teachers - In centre Kingsley Gregory, Richard Mant, Alan Crosskey, Pupils - in no particular order - Nick Peaty Paul Masters Martyn HoffMan Chris Gibson Martin Hooper Andrew Hards  Steve Kiss  John Harris David Wild Dave Hall John Davis Phil Johnson Paul Morris  Ian Atkinson  George Hatcher Phil Jepson Pete Gurney Chris Cuffe Kevin Jones Alan Richmond Dave Howship Nigel Milchem Nigel Bowles Neil Caddick

And so it came to pass...the Reunion took place at the School on July 1st. This was the first one where the teachers were invited. Sadly Derek Akers and Mrs Ananin had to cry off at the last minute, the latter because she was behind with her work ! We still had Mr Ricard " Dickie" Mant, Mr Crosskey and the legendary Mr Kingsley Gregory - all of them looked far younger and fitter than their former pupils.
The old school looked in distressed in parts - see the Quad and pond below.  Change is everywhere - what would Arthur Jewitt have thought about a COKE machine outside Room 30 ? You can click on the pictures below for a bigger version. Full details will follow soon - as a teaser for the future you will be pleased to know that Kingsley Gregory has a collection of 8mm Cine films taken at the school and also at the Snowdon Hut that he is prepared to share with us. Richard Mant has boxes of ephemera too ....
                                               click on the below pictures for a bigger version.

Left - the old quad is being redeveloped.

Right - History is made. Nigel Bowles meets Kingsley Gregory for the first time in 31 years and promises that he will have his A level homework in by monday.

David Hall has done some HIGH DEFINITION SCANS of the 1970 photo.
These are available free from the download on the 1970 page. They are of such high quality
that it will be possible for you to have prints done.
That's 6 shillings saved if you couldn't be arsed to buy one in 1970.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW ? Many names and faces have been traced via here and Friendsreunited but does anyone have news of the whereabouts of these lads from the 1966 intake:

Tony Attwood, , Phil Bright,  Colin Crisford, Ian Drewery, Kevin Havill,   Malcolm  Macbeath, Chris Thomas. They all seem to have vanished. Email to me NPEATY@AOL.COM for publication on here

  • << On the left is Derek Akers in 2002 To see the picture full size - click it.

    On the right is the man in action on the stage in the 1980's >>>>>>>
Our intrepid reporter John Davis took a photo of Derek Akers in 2002.  He looks to have weathered particularly well although I have an urge to pull his tousled hair& tell him to go across the road and GET IT CUT MAN !



Nick Sorenson has kindly dug out the Bourne Magazine from his archives and this is now here in its entirety.

Mr A.L Payne and Mr. G.C Pettitt retired - the former receiving his pension cheque in crayon, the latter with his name and date four times.



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